Beach Weddings 101

By: Dennis G

Stellar Sound DJs
February 25, 2010

Beach weddings are quickly becoming more popular these days. Getting married in the sand next to a perfect canvas of air and sea can create memories to last a lifetime. However, as perfect as beach weddings may seem, it's not without challenges. The elements of nature can prove to be very tricky when your out there saying you're vows. The following are a few guidelines and suggestions to getting married in the sand:


Beach wedding attire should be slightly less formal than the traditional formal dress of churches and wedding halls. The key to dressing for a beach wedding is to keep it simple and keep it comfortable. Light colors and cotton fabrics will keep you comfortable in the hot sun.

Wedding dresses for a beach wedding can range from a formal white wedding gown to a simple flower dress. When going with a traditional wedding dress it's best to consider a few things. The beach is not the best environment for long flowing extravagant dresses. It's best to opt for simple slip or sarong style dresses. Shorter trains are also preferred, as a long one will only drag in the sand and get blown around. Keeping your hair up is also a good idea and will make for better pictures. When looking for your footwear, sandals or flip-flops are an absolute must have.

Grooms are expected to dress a little less formal as well. A nice light colored suit is a better alternative than those heat trapping black tuxedos. They are comfortable and look great on the sand. For a more relaxed look, grooms may even dress down further with a pair of khakis, white shirt and tie. As for footwear, sandals again are great choice.


The wind and sometimes lack of electricity can create its own challenges when it comes to music at your ceremony. It's best to keep it acoustic and simple. A one man instrumentalist such as an acoustic guitar or harp player would be perfect. If you're planning for recorded music, you're better off using a small portable radio.

Additionally, wind can sometimes make microphones more trouble than they are worth. It is better to simply seek out an officiant with a good speaking voice than to try to drag speaker wire through the sand.


Decorating for a beach wedding should be minimal at best. A simple white or flowered covered wedding arch provides a simple yet elegant perfect backdrop for saying your vows. Solid chairs are also OK as long as they are heavy enough not to be blown around. As for anything else, be very careful when considering other types of decor. The wind has a bad habit of grabbing anything it can, and always at the worst times.

The sand is another hazard to consider when decorating. Wedding runners, for example can actually be very dangerous to use. They often sink into the sand and can create a tripping hazard when walked on. It's best to leave out anything that could cause any type of tripping hazard.

These are only a few guidelines to consider when planning a beach wedding. When in doubt just remember to keep it simple, have fun and you can never go wrong.


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